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Anritsu MG3633A

10KHz-2.7GHz Synthesised Signal Generator

Anritsu MH370A

10Hz-5MHz Jitter Modulation Oscillator

Anritsu MH680A

100KHz-2GHz Tracking Generator

Anritsu ML2408A

NCDMA Dual Channel RF Power Meter

Anritsu ML2437A

Single Channel RF Power Meter

Anritsu ML2438A

Dual Channel RF Power Meter

Anritsu ML9001A

Optical Power Meter

Anritsu MP534A/B

25-520MHz 1W Half Wave Dipole

Anritsu MP651A/B

470-1700MHz 10W Half Wave Dipole Antenna

Anritsu MS2601A-05-07

100Hz-2.2GHz Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2601B

9KHz-2.2GHz Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2602A

100Hz-8.5GHz Spectrum Analyser with Reference Oscillator

Anritsu MS2623A

9KHz-6.5GHz Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator

Anritsu MS2651B

9KHz-3GHz Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2661C

3GHz Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2663A

9KHz-8.1GHz Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2663B

9KHz-8.1GHz Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2667C

9KHz-30GHz Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2711A

100KHz-3GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2711B

100KHz-3GHz Handheld Portable Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS2711B

100KHz-3GHz Handheld Portable Spectrum Analyser

Anritsu MS4623A

10MHz-6GHz "Scorpion" Vector Network Analyser with built-in Transmission/Reflection Test Set

  • Gigatronics 12720A
    Gigatronics 12720A
    10MHz-20GHz Synthesised Signal Generator with Step Attenuator, AM, FM, Phase & Pulse modulation
  • Rohde and Schwarz EB150
    Rohde and Schwarz EB150
    9KHz-3GHz Miniport Receiver (RF Spectrum Digiscan available as an option). This instrument does not have a Remote Interface £4950
  • Racal 6113EDGE
    Racal 6113EDGE
    GSM850 & PCS1900 Base Station Test Set with T1 interface, Encryption, EDGE (EGPRS) & Nortel Software