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Amplifier Research AT2000

20-1000MHz Cavity Exciting Radiator for Shielded Room. Excellent for precompliance testing for IEC-1000-4-3. Up to 700 ...

Amplifier Research FM1000

10KHz-1GHz 300V/m Multiple Probes Field Monitor

Amplifier Research FP-2031

500MHz-1.5GHz Orthogonal 3 axis Dipole Probe

Amplifier Research FP1000

10KHz-1000MHz Isotropic Electric Field Probe with NiCad Battery & Charger

Amplifier Research FP2080

80MHz-40GHz Isotropic Electric Field Probe

Amplifier Research FP4000

10KHz-1000MHz Isotropic Electric Field Probe with NiCad Battery Recharger

Amplifier Research FP4036

0.5MHz-5GHz Electric Field Probe

Chase CIC-8100

10KHz-1000MHz Injection Clamp

Chase MN2053

9Khz-30MHz 15A Single Phase & 16A 3 Phase LISN to CISPR 16

Chauvin Arnoux CA43

100KHz-2.5GHz Wideband Electric Field Meter complete with EF2A Isotropic Probe

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  • Racal 6113EDGE
    Racal 6113EDGE
    GSM850 & PCS1900 Base Station Test Set with T1 interface, Encryption, EDGE (EGPRS) & Nortel Software
  • Gigatronics 12720A
    Gigatronics 12720A
    10MHz-20GHz Synthesised Signal Generator with Step Attenuator, AM, FM, Phase & Pulse modulation
  • Rohde and Schwarz EB150
    Rohde and Schwarz EB150
    9KHz-3GHz Miniport Receiver (RF Spectrum Digiscan available as an option). This instrument does not have a Remote Interface £4950