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Racal 6113EDGE

6113EDGE BTS Test Set with E-GSM900, DCS 1800, GSM-R, Ericsson, Siemens, Nokia & EDGE

Options installed:
01 E-GSM
02 DCS 1800
05 GSM-R
220 Ericsson
235 Siemens
270 Nokia 
440 EDGE

1) This unit will test  GSM Railway BTS

2) Test Ericsson RBS 200 and 2000 BTS Families as the normal 6113 unit

3) Test RBS 6000 Family i.e 6601 or 6201 BTS with Customer Special 282 (CS282) Firmware included. This Firmware is for DUG 20 01 Digital Module of the BTS. Normal Racal 6113 can not do.

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